The fastest-growing businesses in the world experiment on an industrial scale to demonstrate how Desirable, Viable, Feasible and in some cases, how Responsible they are. Give your business a headstart with The Lean Business Scorecard, a one-page canvas that helps you focus your time, money and energy on the right questions to answer at the right time.

The Lean Business Scorecard v3.3 — Creative Commons Attribution- Robin Wong (download your copy)

Our minds are the most powerful creative force in existence. Unless we feel threatened. Unlock your full potential and the potential of those around you by understanding how our primitive instincts are triggered. Transform how you lead and work to help people become their bravest and boldest selves.

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Working backwards from the customer experience is the most scalable way of organising and aligning people, process and technology to serve their needs, even in highly complex and large scale initiatives. Done right, it can help you avoid waste, track progress and deliver great results. Read on to learn how I devised and applied this operating model at Google.

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Is the constant treadmill of remote video calls wearing you down? Are you feeling the distance from your colleagues? Well, how does a team visit to the pub sound? Or a quick chat over a coffee? No? sounds like you might need a well-being break. Learn how a team at BT has created a healthy, sustainable culture of remote working that works hard for them.

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For those of you braving the frontiers — how strong is your business idea? Does it address a worthy problem? Can you tell investors when they will get their money back? Do you have a clear plan to differentiate and scale? Demonstrate the strength of evidence in your business idea by examining its Desirability, Viability and Feasibility using the all-new and improved Business Design Canvas.

The Business Design Canvas v2.2 — Creative Commons — Attribution to Robin Wong

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Robin Wong

I help people turn business ideas into customer-centric, data-driven business ventures. Interim Global Design Director at BT.

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